Need custom beats tailored for your written songs?
Got an idea about how you want your custom beat to sound?


Type of Beat style: Please send me a reference beat or beats so that we know what type of beat you want. Tell me what type of mood or feeling you want the beat to give the listener. Tell me what type of style, rnb, trap, mid-tempo hip hop, pop etc.

Structure of the beat: I need the structure so that i can fine-tune and create what you want. Example: 4bars intro, 8bars chorus, 16 bars verse, 4 bars outro, etc..

Instruments to use: Suggest to me what instruments you want; a piano, some strings, a violin, an electric guitar etc. If you’re not sure about this, that’s fine. I’ll choose what instruments best match the feel of what you need.

Beats per Minute: The BPM is the speed or tempo of beat. You can always tell me to use a particular tempo of an existing track, and i will happily use that.

Samples of my beats you can check here
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